Itero’s plastic recycling: the possibilities are endless

South Limburg is highly connected to the petrochemical sector, making it an industry economically important for growth and stability, as well as employment. As this region currently depends on traditionally fossil-based energy and material, the transition to a green, circular economy will inevitably impact the region. However, Limburg is working towards a circular economy, requiring new technologies and changes to the value chain.

Itero Technologies is a chemical recycling technology provider, processing plastic waste otherwise destined for incineration or landfill. Using pyrolysis, Itero processes this plastic waste into chemical products used to create new virgin-quality circular plastics. Itero’s process is unique in that: 1) it allows for a wide range of waste specifications and materials, and 2) the tunable hydrocarbon product recovery system is much less energy intensive than the current industrial standard and results in superior product quality.

This project aims to scale up their existing technology, currently operating at their West London plant, and demonstrate Itero’s technology at-scale, further validating the process and products. With this, the project contributes to the JTF program, because it facilitates the transition of the petrochemical industry in the region of South-Limburg to a circular industry. The intended 27 kta recycling plant at the Brightlands Chemelot Campus offers solutions for a major waste problem as well as circular alternatives to fossil-based materials. Itero contributes to the Circular Plastics Hub at Chemelot and supports retention and strengthening of the chemical expertise in the region. The region will gain a world-leading position and expertise in plastic recycling.

After successful demonstration, Itero aims to accelerate to maximize impact, starting with a second plant in the Limburg area. The CO2 savings for the first-of-its-kind plant at Chemelot are 29.5 kton CO2eq per year, and the cumulative savings surpass 100 kton CO2eq by early 2031. The demand for high quality circular feedstocks is growing rapidly, but supply is very limited; Itero’s chemical recycling fills a gap in the sustainable value chain and offers a highly profitable business.
The demonstration plant provides 40 FTE employment opportunities in South Limburg. This is essential to secure the expertise of the regional work force and support Chemelot economically and socially through the major transitions. The newly recruited staff members receive training specific to the chemical recycling of waste plastics, highly relevant to the new circular economy of the Limburg region.


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